Hurricane Ida



RACE TO EVACUATE: HSLA is working against the clock to help shelters and rescues in harm’s way before the devastating Cat 4 hurricane comes ashore along our coast. These 38 cats and kittens were just evacuated out of harm’s way and have settled down for the night at our Tylertown facility. The animals came from the St. Mary Parish Animal Shelter, from an area which will soon face the worst of the catastrophic storm. Tomorrow morning, super volunteer Monique McCullough will rush against time to get the remaining 7 -8.



We have been working tirelessly all day today to prepare for the potentially catastrophic impact of Hurricane Ida. We’ve been working to help other small shelters and rescues in need, too.

When we have evacuated and helped all we can before the storm, we will continue to work hard with grassroots relief efforts.

Right now, we are bracing for a devastating impact in many areas across our state. This could not have happened at a worse time, in the midst of our worst Covid surge, and at a time when many of our regular adoption partners are already overwhelmed with animals seeking homes. Recovery efforts are still ongoing, after last summer’s devastating storm season.

To our fellow Louisianians: DO NOT underestimate this storm! Put your hurricane preparedness and/evacuation plans in place NOW, plans that absolutely include your pets. BE SAFE and take care.

If you are out of harm’s way and able to help, please donate towards our evacuation, relief and recovery efforts. The need will be great across a vast area of Louisiana, and we will help wherever we can. Please seek out local rescues and shelters in Louisiana as well.