Investigating Abuse

Our charity is the state’s leader in the area of investigating cruelty to animals. With a proven track record of close to 30 years experience in the field, we work with law enforcement, animal control and district attorneys to bring animal abusers to justice. We’re the state’s only humane society licensed as a private detective agency.
Pit at Hoarder case
In addition to investigating complaints, we work to improve the investigative standards across the state. We aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals through advocacy, outreach and education, and we assist in the prosecution of civil and criminal cases.

After decades of work in the field, interest in investigating and prosecuting animal abuse cases is at an all-time high in Louisiana, with police officers and sheriff’s deputies making arrests across the state on a regular basis. We intend to keep the momentum going by educating our colleagues and law enforcement personnel on their options in the field to help save the lives of animals.