Are you affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)?
No, all humane societies are independent agencies, with separate programs and missions. People often tell us they think they are supporting our agency by supporting HSUS but that is not the case.

Did you used to be called L.I.S.A.?
Yes, when we were originally formed, we were called Legislation in Support of Animals (LISA) because our intent was to focus on passing better animal protection legislation. Not long after forming, we were inundated with calls from people needing help with everything from inhumane animal shelters and cruelty investigations. Because of the overwhelming need for more services and our desire to help, we trained ourselves to respond to these problems and changed our name to League in Support of Animals (LISA). As we continued to work around the state, however, we found that the name ‘LISA’ did not connect with people. We found ourselves describing ourselves as, “We are a humane society that works around Louisiana.” In time, and after we had a track record of work around the state that no other local group has or had, we changed our name to the Humane Society of Louisiana.

Can you find a home for my pet or the animal I rescued?
We’d love to help every animal in need, but we are not funded to provide animal control or public shelter services. Of course, our TransPUPtation program focuses on saving companion animals, so whenever we do have an open foster home or space at one of our animal care locations, we rescue an animal from a public shelter to save him or her from being euthanized. If you have an animal and must find a place to house him or her immediately, please contact your local rescue groups, breed rescue group, or your local animal control agency or shelter. You can also send us a photo/description of the dog, in case we have someone looking for a specific type of animal. If you have no animal shelter in your area, please do what you can to foster the animal or find a friend or relative willing to help. If you would like information on how to find a good home for him or her, please contact us.

Do you have the power to arrest people who are neglecting or abusing animals?
We don’t have powers of arrest, and we can’t seize animals. We do, however, work with law enforcement on cruelty cases. We encourage law enforcement to act, explain the laws, provide them with needed forms, etc., which can have the same result. If the police take custody of animals in cruelty or abuse cases, we can accept custody of the animals. We can also participate on search warrants in specific circumstances. Please report cruelty to animals to your local animal shelter or law enforcement agency, and if there is an emergency, call 911. If your police department is unwilling to help, or if you get no action from your local agencies, contact us so we can pressure local authorities to act and/or assist them with resolving situations.

Can I leave an anonymous tip about a cruelty case?
Yes! It would be helpful if you could leave your contact details, in case we need to confer with you. Your identity will always be kept confidential.

What is your federal tax identification number?
58-1795272. You can get a copy of our determination letter HERE.