Who We Are

The Humane Society of Louisiana is a private animal protection charity founded in New Orleans in 1988. As leaders in the fight against cruelty to animals, we work to prevent animal abuse and neglect in all its forms.
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Our diverse programs are intended not only touch the lives of individual animals but to transform the state into a more compassionate place. We receive no government funding, and we rely solely on private contributions for support.

The Humane Society of Louisiana is the only local animal protection charity that speaks out for all animals of all kinds. We work to start and/or expand services and programs to help them.

This is vitally important work, because 50 % of our state’s parishes are without any kind of shelter or animal care services. When an animal is hit by a car most places in Louisiana, there is no agency to respond. When an animal is being neglected or abused, there is no one to help if the police don’t take action – and they often don’t. There are virtually no programs to help wildlife or other animals in need.

We’re working to change all that by making Louisiana’s communities kinder and more humane for everyone. Please join us as a donor, supporter or volunteer and help us make a profound difference for animals in need.