The Humane Society of Louisiana’s philosophy is unique among Louisiana animal protection charities, and our programs take a ‘big picture’ approach to helping animals in need. Here are some of the unique ways we are working hard to make a difference.


Promoting Compassion for All Animals

We advocate compassion and nonviolence, and we work for a better Louisiana, where all beings are treated with kindness, dignity and respect. We urge animal shelters, wildlife officials, industries and others to adopt alternatives to killing animals whenever possible.

Preventing Cruelty Around the State

We are Louisiana’s leader in abuse prevention and cruelty investigation. We’re also the only humane charity licensed as a detective agency. We have a proven track record in the field of humane investigation. We also host investigative training workshops and partner with district attorneys and law enforcement officers to bring animal abusers to justice.

Helping Animals in the Rural Areas

More than half of Louisiana parishes have no shelters or animal control programs of any kind. The majority of existing shelters only operate within the city limits of our state’s larger cities, leaving huge areas of the state without any animal protection services. We work hard to fill in the gaps by operating volunteer chapters in the rural areas of the state. We also work hard to develop partnerships with small town sheriff’s departments and volunteers who can respond to calls of animals in distress.

Helping Louisiana’s Horses
Only a handful of our state’s animal shelters have the resources, facilities or expertise to help neglected or abused horses. We have aided horses for more than 25 years, particularly in rural communities. We will be in a position to provide care for many more horses, goats and other large animals in need at our new sanctuary.

Teaching Compassion for All Creatures
All of Louisiana’s animal protection charities work to aid cats, dogs and other small animal companions. While the Humane Society of Louisiana is a tireless defender of pets, we also work to extend our circle of compassion to all creatures, including animals in the wild, those raised for food, and those used in other industries. Our charity is the Deep South’s leading voice promoting cruelty-free lifestyles and a healthy vegan diet.

Building Kinder Communities

HSL works on ‘big picture’ solutions to help animals in Louisiana’s cities and towns in a way parish and city animal shelters cannot. We hold town meetings and organize caring citizens to start rescue groups or volunteer chapters where none exist. We work to start new animal shelters, improve existing ones and institute innovative pilot programs and new projects to help animals in distress. No other humane group – national or local – works to expand Louisiana’s animal protection infrastructure or has our track record of success.

Speaking Out Against Corruption

All too often, parish and local governments institute programs that result in needless animal suffering. We shed light on cruelty to animals in public pounds, and we expose the corruption and negligence that results in animals being harmed or killed. We bring stories into the public eye to encourage reform and accountability. We are committed to standing up for the defenseless against the powerful as Louisiana’s undisputed anti-cruelty ‘watchdog’.

Forging Alliances for Change

As a private charity not contracted to work in any particular city or parish, we are able to take a more holistic approach to animal protection concerns. We convene task forces and committees comprised of animal protection leaders from around the state; we address issues ranging from dog fighting to disaster relief. We partner with several rescue groups and no-kill shelters in the East Coast to help save the lives of homeless pets through our ongoing pet adoption transports.


The Humane Society of Louisiana is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Gifts are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Federal Tax ID # is 58-1795272.